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Communicate with your drivers. Get real results.

Research shows that communication plays a key role in driver retention. With TEN20, build your own communication platform tailored to your fleet. Send polls, congratulate drivers, and train your drivers on company policy. All from the palm of your hand.

Company Feed

Ensure that you’re reaching the drivers in your fleet with updates. Post company-specific content and polls to your active drivers.

Driver Feedback

Send out fleet-wide polls to gather feedback from your drivers.  TEN20 provides a quick and easy way to keep a true pulse on your fleet.

Give your drivers the tools they need to succeed.

If your drivers are successful with your company, they will stay with your company. TEN20 allows drivers to schedule their trips and stay organized, see other drivers in the area, and view all the best resources along their routes.

Trip Scheduler

Improve fleet visibility with the trip scheduler, which allows drivers to better plan their routes.

On-Route Resources

Drivers can easily find truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas, truck washes, etc. along their route.

Talk to your drivers

Sometimes, it’s the small things that go the farthest. Keeping your drivers engaged on a regular basis shows them that you are invested in their livelihood. From personal messaging available for every driver in your database, to driver rewards through our partnerships, TEN20 is here to keep your drivers happy while on the road.

Personal Messaging

Give your operations staff the ability to chat with any driver, no additional software required.

Fleet Rewards

Through our partnerships, offer drivers coupons on what they use most, building driver morale.


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